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This site aswell as the guild is closed. When you aren't logged in you don't see any content then the standard.

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Forums Rules

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Forums Rules Empty Forums Rules

Post by Colonel Sanders on Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:45 am

Forum Rules

First of all, very few is visible at the forums when you aren't logged in.

Next to the standard guild rules, the following rules apply.

Please abide by the following extremely reasonable rules if you intend to post in the forums.

No Spam / Advertising:
Advertising of any commercial product or service on these forums is not permitted. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are similarly prohibited.

Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Use common sense while posting.
Offensive Content:
Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums. This includes user pictures. Use common sense. We want to show this website to our mums.
Posting a thread in more than one forum is annoying and thus not allowed. Just post it once in the correct place.

Copyright and ownership:
Comments & forum messages are owned by the poster.

Don't be a pain in the ass:

No, really…

Any penalties for the above rules are at the moderation team's discretion.

Forums Rules LjglQjQ
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